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Who We Are:

Since our recent affiliation with BMI, we are now Leeric Global Publishing. We are an amalgam of creative talent formed by a wordsmith and a musician / technical expert who were drawn together by their mutual love of music and the arts. Our books are for the life and times we live in NOW! We provide readers and listeners with substantive books, music and drama designed to light a fire in their desire to read and fulfill their potential for the arts and learning. The Leeric Publishing Group was created to provide those who love to read with stories to amaze and entertain and those who love to tell them with help and guidance to bring them into the light. No degree necessary; just be talented.

Our Mission:

Now and into the future, it is the aim of Leeric Publishing Group to discover and bring to the general public the hidden gems of the community as well as from the world at large. Through the medium of pictures and words, written or sung, Leeric Publishing Group strives to represent the plethora of talent that stretches from the cities to the plains.

We now offer E-Book Conversion to epub files from your manuscript. Epub files are the most common e reader format. We also provide cover design services.  Contact us for details.

NEW EBook Titles Available. The Saga Of Peter The Woodsman HERE and Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Black HERE and The Complete Lil Man and Skeets Collection Series One HERE